SEO Automation Tools and Tips


Well, this question is asked often by new SEO students or freelancers and got few comments asking when I wrote about SEO tools in past. So I think I should answer this question carefully and in the way that anyone would understand.

Do SEO experts Use automated tools?

Yes, many of them use tools or software to get some statistics and do research about keywords and more basic data. But the fact is it is used partially may be from 10-40% of overall SEO results. (Depending on SEO strategy)

Which tools do SEOs use?

There are many tools available for free and paid too, but it really depends on what kind of experience does SEO expert hold. Ranging from expensive tools like SEO Elite, SEO Moz Pro to web-based tools like Compete.com and even free add-ons like SEO Quake. It really depends on what factor you are working on.

Seo Tools - Which tools is a must have?

Frankly speaking, none of them are necessary if you are working on 2-3 projects or learning or a just started off with SEO. Tools are more useful when you perform bulk queries or handle a large number of clients or a large number of pages is your target.

What is the most important factor that makes them expert ?

Very important factor in SEO work is experience, the more you have its better. No tool will do your work in small time; it just improves your overall efforts.

SEO strategy for WordPress blog are different than any e-commerce website and so on, so what you try to work on is a number of clients & experimenting with your efforts. More experience and carrying out researches will help most to get you on top!

This one is of the easiest ways to get backlinks but Dofollow blog commenting only works well when you do it smartly and with a plan to not getting rejected at all. Before you read further to make sure, you read our Link-building 101 Series T o Build Free Backlinks for your website or blog.


Ultimate SEO Tips

Follow these simple steps to make blog commenting smart and making sure your blog comment gets accepted.

1. Your name should be mentioned in blog

Rather than manipulating the name for something like – Disaster Management Equipment Here, People would like to know who is the comment writer. So make sure it is your name.

And if you do want to mention your blog write something like – Amol Wagh @ SEO Blog

2. Don’t Comment like – Great !, It is not working , Awesome ! or wow !

This shows blog author that you did not read about anything & just giving opinions based on the title. Chances are more that you will not be accepted for such comments

Write the comment only after reading the whole thing & then express your views clearly about what you liked and what not.

3. Make Comments more Expressive 

As I said before you can only do it after you read the blog article, And try to make your comments expressive as much possible. If you want to ask a question, try explain scenario first and then ask the question. It attracts attention to more readers and bloggers to involve and answer you.

It is more likely to get free traffic from such comments.

DoFollow Blog Comments

4. Try Commenting First (For Popular Blogs)

If you are commenting on any website having huge popularity and traffic, Try to keep track of time of their posting each day – So you can be within first few commenting readers. And if your comment id effective you get the attention of all other readers & blog owner. Which can benefit you in nice traffic from that blog.

5. Not Just Dofollow

Not just Dofollow but try to comment on every good blog in your interest topics. Because it will look bit odd to search engines that you are getting all links from Dofollow sites. So wherever you find relative content valuable just comment there for added value to your backlinking effort.

6. Comments That Connects !

Do not use commenting as a medium to generate backlink somehow from that domain or webpage. Use the commenting system as a powerful medium to express your thoughts about the subject. And if you are some expert on the topic, then give your fair opinion or something that adds more to that article through comments.

Because these comments can get you new readers, subscribers, fans & even potential buyers, So comment to connect with others, To add value and not just to get backlinks.